SEO in the Mobile Era: 7 Tips for Google’s Mobile First Index [Updated white paper]

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“Not without my smartphone” – This is how daily life in the age of mobile Internet is. We want to be online any time, anywhere. Over half of Germans now surf the web on the go – 30 per cent even daily. Mobile Internet consumption should continue to increase over the next few years. Users aren’t the only ones putting pressure on companies to optimise for mobile – Google is too.

Other mobile devices, like smartwatches and voice assistants, have changed user behaviour. Voice search, in particular, has been one of the biggest changes. By 2020, 50% of all Google searches should be based on voice input. It’s faster to say something than type with a keyboard, and users will still be able to find the information, the inspiration, or the products they want.

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4 trends that go beyond mobile and should not be missed out [5 Reading Tips]

Quelle: Dino Quinzani & (bearbeitet von dotSource)
Source: Dino Quinzani & (edited by dotSource)
Last week a new edition of the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona to present the latest trends in the mobile industry. Although this year there were neither many stellar presentations of gadgets nor excessively prominent visitors , it can be said that mobile is the connecting element in which advanced technologies come together to prompt new ecosystems such as the connected car.
The use of smartphones as constant companions coupled with a better quality of internet connection result in a multiscreen world: According to a study presented by Google, 24% of consumers indicate that they usually access the Internet through three devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop or computer).
These two indicators prove that mobile is reaching digital maturity. But, apart from reaching this conclusion, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry gave a glimpse of the most important trends for this year. Let’s dive into it!

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Throw your credit cards away! The smartphone is your next payment method [5 Reading Tips]

Quelle: Denis Prikhodov -
Quelle: Denis Prikhodov –
It is exciting times for quick and easy payment methods. Google, Paypal, Apple, and Samsung are recently moving forward in their race to increase the reach of their online and mobile payment solutions. The new payment methods aim to boost conversation rates at the checkout point by enhancing the customer paying experience on every device, especially on smartphone. Where is the new batch of payment methods heading?

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