Retailers, listen: ‘Buy button’ everywhere leads to high conversation rates! [5 reading tips]

© Robert Kneschke /
© Robert Kneschke /

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, evolved from being a complimentary communication gadget to become an intrinsic part of shoppers’ lifes. Meanwhile, brands discovered the huge potential of smartphones being the best way to approach consumers and offer more personalized experiences and products instantaneously. In this context, Paypal aims to help retailers to increase mobile conversion rates with their promising platform Paypal Commerce striving to get an even bigger piece of the payment-cake.

The use of mobile devices has been expanded so far in the last years and different prognoses indicate its continuous growth in terms of market share, penetration and turnover. In Germany, there are already 46 millions of smartphone users and market researchers expect for 2019 more than 55 million users.


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