Forgery in e-commerce: why does Amazon send so many counterfeits?

Grafik:Travis Juntara
Graphic:Travis Juntara

Just a few weeks ago, the shopping centre around the corner from us ran an exhibition on counterfeiting. Recognise the fake Bosch chainsaw immediately? Impossible. and other knock-off products were virtually indistinguishable from the original. Where forgers used to write the name of the company wrong, e.g. “Adodas” instead of “Adidas”, today’s fakes look high quality at first… but they are still knock-offs.

Because it really comes down to trusting a shop in e-commerce, I was surprised that Amazon seems to have a lot of problems with counterfeits. The knock-offs aren’t just offered by other traders via the market place, but by Amazon itself, as they store them in their logistics centres. But whose fault is it? A look at one of Amazon’s biggest competitors gives us an idea.

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