founder Karsten Schaal interviewed: Do German VCs suffer from German angst?

Grafik:Jessica Spengler
Graphic:Jessica Spengler
Sinking financing requests from the e-commerce branch led to Capnamic Venture calling the end of the e-commerce hype last month. Are all niches really completely filled? Where are the innovative ideas in the start-up scene? With ABOUT YOU, project Collins has shown that there is still room to the top. You should also keep an eye on Rocket Internet when it comes to promising ideas.

Especially the online grocery trade seems to be Samwer’s favourite playground at the moment. We spoke to Karsten Schaal, founder and CEO of Food Direkt GmbH. His team sells over 10,000 items at supermarket prices on his platform Apart from the current situation in online grocery trade, we also wanted to know what he thinks of German VC’s level of willingness to take risks.

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