Shopware implements emotional shopping with these features

Shopware 5There has to be a way to get the things which work in stationary retail into online shops – the e-commerce developers for Shopeware, coming from Schöppingen, are sure to have had this thought as well. With yesterday’s release of Shopware 5, the team committed themselves to “emotional shopping. On any device.” Shopware is following the trend in e-commerce 2015 with their penchant for a very individual and personalised shopping experience.

Standing out from other systems

We were only recently asking ourselves what shop system is best for a B2B shop. Thanks to the features of the fifth version published to date, Shopware did well. Although it still has to be field tested in B2B, we’re loving their emotional shopping. At least in B2C business, it seems to be a sure thing and they are aggressively using it set themselves apart from OXID and Magento etc.

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