10 years of Airbnb: From air mattresses to luxury lofts [5 reading tips]

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Source: AirBnB

Today, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia are multi-millionaires, but only ten years ago, the two had trouble paying their rent in San Francisco. Then one day in the summer of 2008 the idea came to them: They would rent air mattresses for people to sleep on in their apartment and offer guests breakfast AKA a bed and breakfast. A few weeks later, one of the world’s most valuable and transforming startups in the world was officially founded: Airbnb. The company is not only the world’s largest platform for the rental of private rooms and apartments, it is the global tourism provider of the Internet age.

The company succeeded in shaking the established hotel industry and changing our travel habits through sharing economy principles. The effects of this shake-up were and are enormous. Reason enough to take a look at the present and future of Airbnb.

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