Big data for big players: How Krones wants to create the beverage factories of the future [Case Study]

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Source: dotSource

Soft drinks and water in PET (plastic) bottles, canned beer, or canned food. Without the right packaging, our daily shopping would be a lot more environmentally friendly, but also much more exhausting. Not to mention the logistics, which would have to be completely rethought.

Hundreds of millions of beverage and food packaging products are produced in Germany alone and largely recycled thanks to a reusable deposit system. One of the biggest players in this field is Krones AG, which develops complete production lines and employs more than 16,500 people worldwide. With a data import via a B2B online shop newly developed by dotSource, Krones is taking a decisive step in the direction of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Selecting E-Commerce Software – Comparing Providers and Technologies [Updated White Paper]

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As for e-commerce in 2019, there are two important pieces of news: Good and bad. First, the good news. E-commerce is growing and growing, it is and remains one of the strongest growth markets in the DACH region’s economy. From 6.4 billion euros in 2005 to 35.6 billion euros in 2014 and 53.4 billion euros in 2018.

But with or without growth, online commerce is also a competitive market, especially in B2C, but also increasingly in B2B. What to do to maintain competitiveness or even become a pioneer? One of the most important success factors is selecting and implementing a tailor-made e-commerce system. But which e-commerce software suits whom? And what developments are there?

The answers lie in our updated white paper »Selecting E-Commerce Software – Comparing Providers and Technologies«.

 Not only do we describe the leading providers for different sizes of companies from start-ups to Enterprises but we also explain why online stores are evolving towards e-commerce functions as part of a DXP and how technologies such as Framework or SaaS differ.

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New white paper: »Customer Engagement: Digital Experience Platforms Compared«

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Nowadays anyone can connect to anything and everyone through the Internet and exchange with different technology. Technological efficiency is often the key to success in these connections between people, but also between people and product or people and services.

82 per cent of marketers believe that they know how their clients want to interact with their business. The problem: Almost a quarter of all clients disagree with this statement.

In times when purchasing and sourcing have become commonplace across all touchpoints, it poses a major challenge for brands to provide their customers with meaningful information across all channels along the entire customer journey as well beyond to accompany. The tricky thing to remember: Customer engagement. But how can we create the most consistent, contextual and relevant customer experiences possible?

This is precisely where digital experience platforms come into play. Success stories such as Facebook, Spotify, or Zalando show that digital platforms are a meeting place between all stakeholders (customers, partners, employees) to generate exponential growth and high value.

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Digital experience platforms – Comparing Salesforce, SAP, IBM, and Adobe

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Businesses rely on digital experience platforms (DXP) for their digital business models. And more than ever before. The art of using a DXP is bringing together (in real time) all the data from different technologies in one place and making it usable.

This interaction creates unique and seamless customer experiences. Digital platforms are a virtual interface between companies and customers, but also partners and their own employees. But how does this interplay work concretely, and, above all, how can companies build their own DXP step by step to strengthen their customer engagement?

Major software providers have recognised the potential of DXPs several years ago. They’re constantly expanding their portfolio and the selection of providers is correspondingly large. Making a decision is pretty challenging. For this reason, we’re taking a closer look at the largest DXP providers today.

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