Real Sustainability in City Logistics? [5 Reading Tips]

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Thanks to the enormous growth of e-commerce, the amount of deliveries in the past few years has grown exponentially. In fact, a new parcel record is expected this holiday season. Additional new offers to speed up and simplify the last mile, like same-day delivery, delivery on the requested date or even one-hour delivery, coupled with the congestions of the roadways, are thus causing an alarmingly fast deterioration of air quality. Therefore, sustainable logistics are required.

What solutions and initiatives have the top delivery services already come up with?

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Co-creation: Where a customer focus drives innovation and efficiency [5 Reading Tips]

Source: JZhuk - Fotolia
Source: JZhuk – Fotolia
Co-creation is nothing new. However, it is a strategy that, despite of its multiple benefits for companies, is still far from taking roots because of all that it implies: engaging customers openly and transparently and, especially, sharing detailed data with them. However, the release of the shortlist of proposals for a new Mozilla logo, behind which there’s a new global identity of the open web pioneer, brought co-creation back into the spotlight.
In a world where companies are increasingly focused on their customers and where more companies structure their organisations and processes around their customers, it is surprising that the number of initiatives to make them participate actively in the brands’ day-to-day is still low.

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