»Organisations and brands that implement trends are also determining customer expectations« – Handelskraft speaker Delia Wieser interview

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At the beginning of the year, trends are a recurring theme. But what are trends and where do they come from? How can we recognise them and what are they good for? Trends open up business opportunities, but in order to benefit from them, you need to go deeper, observe attitudes, opinions, and habits and understand changes. This is the only way dealers, manufacturers and brands can deliver what consumers want, even before they know it.

Delia Wieser (formerly Dumitrescu), the co-author of the book Trend-Driven Innovation, explains in her exciting opening keynote speech at Handelskraft Conference 2019, how companies are coming from the many trends to business-specific innovation.

In order to bridge the time until the conference without having to forego trend input, today interviewer Wiesle, lead architect at TrendWatching, used exclusive use cases to reveal exclusively what lies behind the megatrends and how to use them to create their own digital business strengthens.

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Digital patient records – The Danish example

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While in Germany we’re discussing paper organ donor cards, tormenting ourselves in crowded waiting rooms for hours to obtain a printed prescription, or looking in vain for our vaccination certificate, our neighbours in Denmark have been solving their health issues conveniently and successfully for many years in an app.

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What do technology and hardware do for a better customer experience in 2019? [5 Reading Tips]

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It’s incredibly exciting how rapidly technology is evolving to deliver better and simpler customer experiences. In this regard, the latest ideas were presented at the »Consumer Electronics Show«, commonly known as CES in Las Vegas.

Instead of mere prototypes,  innovations presented there this year offer concrete, usable applications in many areas and pave the way to a future in which machines get to know our personal preferences in order to better adapt each experience to our needs. But of course not at any price.

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Intel’s smart glasses – will the smartphone be replaced soon? [5 Reading Tips]

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Source: The Verge

In the last decade, the smartphone has become an everyday companion for excellence. The growth of computing power and storage, coupled with mostly reliable internet access, has allowed an app and services ecosystem to thrive with little competition.

But despite ongoing improvements, much of the recent innovations in the smartphone environment are more incremental than revolutionary. Does the smartphone have to give way to another universal companion in the near future?

Big hopes are already on wearables. But rather so far, smartwatches have prevailed as an extended arm to the smartphone. Switching to a tiny screen on your wrist is not an easy step, especially since there’s something to be desired in terms of usability.

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It is all about data! – Chief Data Officers are more influential [5 Lesetipps]

Quelle: pexels.com
Quelle: pexels.com
Recently the Spanish banking group BBVA announced the creation of a new top management position, Global Head of Data, “to promote the strategic use of data in all areas and businesses of the Group”. With this move BBVA intends to get a single customer view and, consequently, improve customer satisfaction.
The most remarkable fact here is that the Head of Data reports directly to the CEO, which means that this new role is growing in influence and importance. Thus, BBVA clearly wants to make the most of its data and become a “data-driven organisation”. But what are the main benefits of taking care of data quality? What other data-centric roles are going to flourish in 2017?

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