How virtual assistants can simplify our work life [5 reading tips]

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Do I need an umbrella this morning? Add buttermilk to my shopping list. Play the latest episode of House of Cards in the living room. In millions of households, these questions and requests are already a regular thing in everyday life and are answered or completed (more or less) reliably by virtual assistants immediately. But how is it in offices? Are we ready to stop using our hands and let our voices work for us?

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SEO: typing or speaking? That’s the question! [5 Reading Tips]

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Consumers are regularly turning to their mobile devices to search. Basically, typing keywords in a browser and instantaneously getting a list of results doesn’t differ from the desktop experience. The various search results match pretty well with their questions and let them find, in the majority of cases, the perfect answer. However, the emergence of virtual personal assistants and voice recognition technology like Siri, Google Now, Cortana or Alexa might change the way consumers interact with their devices leading to re-think SEO requirements.

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