Black Friday Madness: What do retailers need to look for? [5 Reading Tips]


It’s that time of the year, today officially starts Cyber Monday Week and all those great deals. But this week’s highlight will take place on Friday, November 24th, with the start of Black Friday. The end of November is synonymous with a strong Christmas spirit, uncontrollable shopping impulses, and “the best” offers. That‘s today’s normal in Germany, in Europe.

Black Friday ushers in the beginning of the hotly contested Christmas business and has become the biggest discount campaign in online sales throughout Germany. Every year since 2012, the phenomenon breaks all online sales records and boosts e-commerce.

In addition, the power and influence of the online giant Amazon, which has successfully introduced this habit in Europe, are likely to increase. But this stream can also be exploited for personal gain.

What do online retailers have to pay attention to, to succeed, and what can they do to oppose Black Friday?

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