Creating product images faster and more efficiently with CGI [5 reading tips]

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Nobody’s gonna buy something online without information about a product. Descriptions, but above all pictures and videos depicting the real goods, are there so that the consumers receive a realistic look at products and then make a purchase. Images are virtually the shop window of a stationary store, but more detailed and specific. The success of an online business, therefore, depends on the quality and accuracy of product images.

Customers are increasingly looking for real and eye-catching product information before making a purchase. Colours, dimensions, ratios, extras, and presentation suggestions must be individually adapted to the different variants and models. The richer the range, the greater the photographic effort.

This represents a significant implementation problem for growing digital companies that have a large product catalogue. So how can retailers and manufacturers mass-produce high-quality images for their online shops? Three letters: CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

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