Using Google advertising for a perfect and comprehensive customer experience [5 Reading Tips]

Google, Suchmaschinewerbung, Display-Anzeige
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

From search to inspiration to final purchase, mobile users interact with multiple touchpoints along the entire customer journey. Consumers currently have less time and more and more options to choose from. The goal for companies is to reach customers at the right time with the best offer.

It’s also reflected in the way that advertising looks today, where and how it works. It’s in tempting and highly consumable formats, it’s a staple of customer engagement, winning through mobile, seamless experiences on and between every channel. Not to mention their functionality as a success.

Two weeks ago, Google presented its new advertising formats at the annual Marketing Live Conference. A clear trend emerged. In addition to AI, visuals are becoming more and more important in the world of online advertising. Which formats are specifically involved? We’ve put together the most important innovations for you.

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MDR-Werbung case study: Modern web design for the best usability

Case Study MDR-W Mock-up Smartphone
Source: dotSource

We like to listen to the radio when we drive, cook food, and work out. Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk’s (MDR) stations, for example, reach around three million people each day and these listeners represent an interesting potential for companies that want to advertise in central Germany. But how do the spots actually get on the radio? You can book times ad slots as a customer that’ll be marketed and sponsored.

On, MDR-Werbung GmbH (MDRW) shows off their selection, where beside advertisement slots, sponsoring, and events are available, users can purchase the results of the annual Central German Brand Study. The project, which MDR-W GmbH implemented together with dotSource within just a few weeks, demonstrates how the subsidiary of MDR was able to fundamentally modernise its online presence and, above all, improve usability on mobile devices.

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Facebook announces augmented reality advertising on news feed [5 reading tips]

augmented, reality, futuristic
Source: Photo by Steve Roe on Unsplash

It was not so long ago when various scandals came to light about data abuse and fake news on Facebook. The company was taking heavy losses on the stock market and seemed to have lost credibility and charm to many users, stakeholders, and marketers.

But that hasn’t stopped the largest social network: Instagram’s attractiveness keeps growing, the company announced in the same breath with the bad stock market news. Especially among younger generations, the photo network is more popular than ever. Even Facebook itself wants to collect bonus points and drive innovation forward. The focus is on augmented reality.

This technology is also gaining in importance beyond the gaming industry. In fact, some companies are already focusing on this and are developing exciting, everyday use cases. The main focus is to make life easier in different circumstances (at work, when purchasing complex products, or building large machines).

Facebook wants advertisers to benefit from the potential of this cutting-edge technology even on the biggest social network.

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AI taking over selection and placement of online advertising [5 reading tips]


The power of artificial intelligence is raising expectations within retail. Consumers, retailers, and manufacturers rely on their advantages, namely cost reduction, productivity increase and process optimisation. And more and more departments are using intelligent software to increase their performance.

AI applications are not just found in factories or warehouses. Online marketing and advertising activities can also be intelligently automated. Google recently launched the AdSense Auto Ads, a machine learning system for advertisers. This system not only determines the types of ads that each audience sees, but also how those ads are placed.

In this way, Google wants to enablemarketers with its intelligent software, even without a lot of time and resources to reach the widest possible audience.

The widespread use of auto ads could make them one of the most powerful AI developments available. Nevertheless, questions arise: What changes are there and what are the effects of their use?

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Advertising on Facebook – does it still help?

Grafik:Michael Coghlan
Graphic:Michael Coghlan

Facebook is the social network with the best range: almost 1.4 milliard people are registered there. Sharing pictures, clicking “like,” commenting – all well and good. But how do things look when it comes to sharing advertising campaigns e.g. in the form of a coupon? G/O Digital ran a study on this, which did not confirm Facebook’s swam song, at least for small business. So it Facebook worth it after all?

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Bye Bye Cookies: Facebook Atlas Marches onto the Display Advertising Battle Field

Grafik: Duncan Hull
Graphic: Duncan Hull

Advertising displayed for the individual user – we’ve got that already: the Google display network is still doing good work. But with the advertising network Atlas, Facebook also wants to display advertising…everywhere, not just on users’ newsfeeds. However, personalised advertising requires information on the user. Isn’t it practical that Facebook knows more than the name of 1.2 billion people?

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