Virtual reality shopping experiences, the disruptive 2016 trend [5 Reading tips]

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Living experiences beyond the real world and feel yourself inside the game. It seems 2016 will be the year in which virtual reality is taking shape, not only in the videogames sector but also in business, like Volvo and Media Saturn are currently doing. The tech majors such as Samsung and Google have been working for the last two years on it and some rumours suggest that the latter will release its new VR glasses by the end of the year.

Against every expectation, indicated by the poor market share Google Glass could gain, VR hardware can be extremely useful for business and especially can help brick and mortar stores in their way towards the digitalization. At the same time, shoppers would be able to live a completely intense and unique shopping experience in 3D using their five senses without leaving home. That’s why companies are starting timidly to test this technology.

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