If a marketing action has generated a lot of attention, the potential customer will eventually land on the shop site. There are a lot of almost-perfect online shops, but also many which have not yet understood how to sell their products online: the wrong categorisation, poor usability, or missing payment options. There are pitfalls everywhere. This is why Handelskraft puts shops from all branches through their paces.

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Online Shopping in the Alpine Republic – Where Do the Swiss Go Shopping? [5 Reading Tips]

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E-commerce just keeps growing – not only in Germany: even in our neighbouring countries, the shopping mania via desktop and smartphones only knows one direction – upwards.

A good reason to take a closer look at a neighbour who is particularly interesting for German retailers.

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WÜRTH receives the 2019 Shop Award

Würth Siegerfoto Shop Award 2019
Source: Daniel Ingold

Skilled craftsmanship and digitisation. If you don’t think one can benefit from another, the results of the 2019 Shop Áwards should be the final nail in the coffin to put that reasoning to bed. After all, whoever succeeds in transferring classic retail virtues from analogue to digital, and with great success, rightly deserves the coveted award: Online shop of the year. That’s what our client WÜRTH was told they had when they were in Munich and took first place in the category: 2019 Best B2B Shop.

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That’s what winners look like: wins Shop Usability Award 2015 in the category wellness, beauty, and health

Shop Usability Award für Lensbest
Photo: Shop Usability Award

Our customer 4Care can be deservedly proud of themselves – their online shop, implemented together with us, won the Shop Usability Award in the category wellness, beauty, and health.

For the eighth time already, Shoplupe CEO Johannes Altmann awarded the prize during the K5 conference. The award honours flawless and user-friendly online shops.

The online shop, that only went live at the end of 2014 after we had realised its migration to Intershop 7.3 and the implementation of the responsive design, apparently met all criteria and convinced the 27-member expert jury.

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It’s especially nice to see that one of those popular awards goes to an Intershop customer. A look at the winners in a total of twelve categories reveals that Shopware leads the competition. We show, however: not the e-commerce system, but its competent implementation is key.

Our special thanks go to the project team – we’re very proud of your joint work with 4Care!!!

Anyone who would also like to win an award can create the necessary conditions here 🙂

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