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Partner business is people business – dotSource is Stibo’s »Rising Star of the Year«

Partner Business Award Stibo Connect 2019
StiboSystems gives dotSource the »Rising Star Award 2019«

Digital business is people business. And if you want to be successful in digital business, you need people around you who share the spirit, who (gladly) do a good job, who are open to ideas and new ways. These people, who develop and design for other people, include not only a company’s employees but also strong and trustworthy partners, without whom the sustainable creation of digital customer relations wouldn’t be possible. We feel this every day and are all the more pleased that we have not just been able to expand our partner network in recent years, but also that our partners appreciate the cooperation with us. Just like the MDM solutions specialist StiboSystems, which distinguished us as the »Rising Star of the Year«. Thank you, StiboSystems. We’re still blown away.

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An ERP isn’t everything!

ERP zu MDM Navigation Golden Record
Source: pexels

How do you perform successful digitally? It’s a little bit like school. With practice and diligence everything works much better. Translated into the question of how to properly manage and diligently analyse the flood of data today, many companies think that their enterprise resource planning system, or ERP for short, serves as a cure for everything.

But that’s only partially true. The purchasing manager of a construction company, for example, who is responsible for purchasing and procurement processes and supplier management in day-to-day business, rightly works with the ERP system as the central data solution for their transactional data activities.

The situation is similar to the quality assurance manager. But in work areas such as marketing or sales, other data are at the centre of interest. Customer data. The software market also offers a technical solution for this data, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But wouldn’t it be much more interesting to be able to collect all the data at one point and also be able to relate to each other?

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Supply chain management 4.0 – The future of the fully automatic ordering process

Supply Chain Management 4.0
Source: pexels

Summer’s within reach. After you do a quick check of an outdoor furniture store during lunch, you decide to order a simple hammock chair for home. Choosing the right colour and size is not a problem either. That same evening, your smartphone rings and a car with that new piece of jewellery is on your own doorstep. But how’s that possible?

IoT, business intelligence, self-driving cars, big data – This multitude of buzzwords is shaping our future. They all are smartly connected to produce supply chain management 4.0 and take customer satisfaction to a new level.

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Digital business compass: Handelskraft 2019 »Digital DNA« now available for download!

Source: dotSource
Twelve years ago Handelskraft saw the light of the virtual world as a blog. Since then we have been reporting day by day on topics and trends of the digital revolution. And six years ago we published our first trend book: Handelskraft 2013 »Trends, strategies and potential in everywhere commerce«.

Old but gold, because going through it, you realise how long so many trends actually last. In 2019, and more than ever before, it’s all about theory becoming a real-life success and how to turn trends into innovations.

To do this, companies need to write their own digital code, because »Digital DNA« is what they need to survive in a highly competitive online business. It’s their evolutionary
advantage in the digital age and our title for this year’s trend book: Handelskraft 2019.

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WÜRTH receives the 2019 Shop Award

Würth Siegerfoto Shop Award 2019
Source: Daniel Ingold

Skilled craftsmanship and digitisation. If you don’t think one can benefit from another, the results of the 2019 Shop Áwards should be the final nail in the coffin to put that reasoning to bed. After all, whoever succeeds in transferring classic retail virtues from analogue to digital, and with great success, rightly deserves the coveted award: Online shop of the year. That’s what our client WÜRTH was told they had when they were in Munich and took first place in the category: 2019 Best B2B Shop.

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