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Digital business compass: Handelskraft 2019 »Digital DNA« now available for download!

Source: dotSource
Twelve years ago Handelskraft saw the light of the virtual world as a blog. Since then we have been reporting day by day on topics and trends of the digital revolution. And six years ago we published our first trend book: Handelskraft 2013 »Trends, strategies and potential in everywhere commerce«.

Old but gold, because going through it, you realise how long so many trends actually last. In 2019, and more than ever before, it’s all about theory becoming a real-life success and how to turn trends into innovations.

To do this, companies need to write their own digital code, because »Digital DNA« is what they need to survive in a highly competitive online business. It’s their evolutionary
advantage in the digital age and our title for this year’s trend book: Handelskraft 2019.

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WÜRTH receives the 2019 Shop Award

Würth Siegerfoto Shop Award 2019
Source: Daniel Ingold

Skilled craftsmanship and digitisation. If you don’t think one can benefit from another, the results of the 2019 Shop Áwards should be the final nail in the coffin to put that reasoning to bed. After all, whoever succeeds in transferring classic retail virtues from analogue to digital, and with great success, rightly deserves the coveted award: Online shop of the year. That’s what our client WÜRTH was told they had when they were in Munich and took first place in the category: 2019 Best B2B Shop.

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