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»The real role of the CMS is to integrate well with AI systems and services, rather than to provide them itself.« Interview with Handelskraft speaker, Christopher Zimmermann

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Content is no longer just produced and published in one place. Information and data are processed by various devices and distributed over several channels. The classic content management system, therefore, reaches its limits, as it’s not designed to provide data outside of its own template engine.

Headless is the answer to this new scenario and more and more companies are betting on its many benefits. It can be very well combined with other emerging modern approaches, such as a microservices architecture, a progressive web app, and a cloud strategy.

On 28 March, 2019, Christopher Zimmermann, Product Manager of Magnolia, will be giving answers to all questions about Headless CMS at the Handelskraft Conference, even those you wouldn’t even dare to ask. He gives us his first round of insights in the Handelskraft interview.

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Real added value thanks to real-time personalisation [New study]

eTail – Driving Decisions with Real-Time Data

»Time is money,« says Benjamin Franklin’s essay: »Advice to a Young Tradesman« published in 1748. And even over 270 years later, this famous quote hasn’t lost importance. On the contrary: More than ever before, the e-tailers – the “tradesmen” of today and tomorrow – need to make the most of their time, the time of their customers, and the signs of the times. Sounds philosophical, but leads to the central question of this fast-moving digital age: How do dealers manage to meet customer demands in light of the times?

And the answer – always presents companies with complex challenges: Almost everything has to be REAL. Real-time personalised offers, real-time for real relationship management from person to person, real content, promoted by real users, and not least, a true brand image. However, this will only succeed if companies “look for innovative and new ways” and integrate them – with the customer at the centre of all efforts – into their business strategy.

This is also shown by the study »eTail – Driving Decisions with Real-Time Data«, in which 100 e-commerce execs from Germany and Europe were asked at the end of 2018 about which challenges they currently face. Today, you’ll learn what the Worldwide Business Research Insights study in collaboration with dotSource, Looker Data Science Inc., and Algolia has revealed.

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Handelskraft Conference 2019 – Even more speakers, news, and specials

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The 2019 Handelskraft Conference is getting closer and closer. And preparations continue to run at full speed. We introduced the first speakers and sessions. NO Today, we’ll introduce you to those who share their knowledge and best practical insights at the Digital Experience Base on 28 March 2019 at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt am Main.

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Digital platforms — Integration is everything [Part 5]

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The success of a digital platform is mostly dependent on how well it plays with other systems. But how can a platform develop solutions independently? In the fourth part of our »Digital Platforms« series, we explained to you what systems SAP C/4HANA consists of. At the end of the series, we’ll show you how individual solutions create a digital platform. Keyword: Integration.

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