Social recruiting – social networks as job markets

It is well known that LinkedIn and Xing are designed for recruiting. But what is the situation with Facebook and co.? If this is integrated into the social media strategy, a pool of possible colleges can grow and be used here as well.      

How e-commerce is changing our language: a note from your translator – Part 1

Endless acronyms are the prerogative of every specialist branch. They quicken communication and have the added bonus that they induct the even simplest concepts into the shrine of the expert. There are times though, when things get out of hand. Take “B2B2B” for example, or better still “B2B-, B2C-, B2B2C, and B2B2B”. When I saw … Continue reading "How e-commerce is changing our language: a note from your translator – Part 1"

Our Own Thing: We have brought Grohe live on hybris – in 8 weeks!

One international B2B project we are particularly proud of is the development of a client platform for Grohe AG. The company is Europe’s largest and one of the world’s leading providers of sanitary fittings under one brand. Grohe have around 5,800 staff in more than 130 countries.

E-Commerce Solutions Provider Introduced: Intershop

Intershop Communications AG was founded in Jena 1992. After eBay’s takeover of Magento, Intershop is the company’s second platform. eBay currently holds 26 percent of the company, 63 percent of shares are in free float. There is speculation that eBay wants to pull out of Intershop.