Why are Amazon and Google getting in each other’s way?

The fact that Google and Amazon initially appear to run on two different business models can hardly be denied. However, these major corporations have been butting horns repeatedly recently. Not only Amazon is developing drones for same-day delivery, but Google is also doing research in that direction and has already tested their first prototype.

Facebookisation: Twitter is changing

Up to now, social network Twitter has focused on an unfiltered news stream…but these times appear to be over. Similarly to Facebook, particularly relevant Tweets disturb the chronological order. Even Tweets by people you don’t follow will reportedly turn up in your stream in the future.

Getting there faster: digital transformation in traffic

Cars are already driving-computers. But digital transformation will influence the pleasure of driving in the future even more strongly. There are already attempts to warn drivers with live traffic services and offer them alternative routes. Google has gone a step further with the self-driving car – a car which is steered by a computer.  

B2B too difficult to crack? Google shopping for suppliers is offline

As I learned from Martin Groß-Albenhausen at the last Handelskraft B2B commerce breakfast, Google Shopping for Suppliers has been history since the 20th of June. The B2B aspirations of Google (Google Shopping for Suppliers) and Amazon (Amazon Supply) don’t seem to have taken off as well as (even we) expected.

Bitkom: Online in marketing budget soon to be as important as trade fairs

The digital transformation of companies is increasingly manifesting itself in the marketing budget. Proportionally more and more is flowing into online measures and according to Bitkom this will keep increasing. According to a survey among marketing staff in ITK companies, on average five percent of the entire turn-over was spent on marketing measures in the … Continue reading "Bitkom: Online in marketing budget soon to be as important as trade fairs"

Panda 4.1 – Who Wins and Who Loses?

On the 24th of September, Google announced the rollout of the search engine algorithm update Panda 4.1. Since 2011, Panda has been making sure that websites with higher quality content rank better than content farms. It has been five months since the last update, and Panda 4.1 brings some changes with it.