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Always on a Friday: netfinds from the world of e-commerce and beyond
The weekly Net Find comes out on Fridays. This is where we introduce particularly funny occurrences during the week. But we also honour viral campaigns with an interesting video or image which have gained a lot of attention. The nerd in our authors also raises its head in our Friday fun and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We send our readers into a well-earned weekend with these amusing and inspiring articles.

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    QVC Survey: Men are more likely to think about their girlfriends while doing their shopping than the other way around (Netfind)

    Posted on 25. September 2015 by .

    On behalf of shopping channel QVC, YouGov interviewed 2050 German citizens about their shopping behaviour, asking them the following question:
    “What would you most likely buy if you got 500€ to go shopping?”

    The outcome is almost revolutionary: apparently women aren’t shoe addicts at all, but rather spend their money on clothes. Wow!

    Even their own partners lose out to the “passion for fashion”; only one out of ten women (ten percent) would also buy something for her boyfriend. In contrast to that, one out of five men (21 percent) would think about his girlfriend in the first place, if he got 500€.

    Net Find: How Made a #Win out of Their Naming #Fail

    Posted on 13. July 2015 by .

    The Israeli homepage building block provider certainly didn’t know what wix means wank in German which they started out in 2006. But they have showed a lot of humor in their entry into the Germany market with tongue in cheek catch phrases like do it yourself, millions do it every day, or my wife got me into it

    Via t3n

    Netz fund: Where would you be if fax marketing made a come back?

    Posted on 4. July 2015 by .

    Today, in my inbox…


    “Effective fax marketing, advertising, and communications campaigns”


    Those of you who’re laughing should stop and think: In B2B people are still faxing away happily all the time. To take this target group by storm, professional fax marketing is worth its weight in gold.
    We say: buy!

    Via @LeanderWatting

    Netfind: even drunks want to shop online

    Posted on 12. June 2015 by .

    Without wanting to trivialise drugs, you can attribute a euphoric effect to alcohol without sticking your neck out too far. The fact that online shopping can be more fun tipsy, has now inspired an app in the USA. It helps drunks make the right wrong purchase decisions.

    You can reach the target group in two ways: with particularly silly products, or from the usability angle – user navigation which is especially resistant to uncoordinated fingers.

    To register, a text to the number 551-333-7865 saying “heyyyyyy” is enough.

    Net find: how mothers call you to dinner in 2015

    Posted on 17. April 2015 by .

    Since we have been able to basically be in contact with each other constantly, leaving your smartphone in your pocket and giving the people who are actually there your full attention has become one of the greatest compliments. If manners are missing and meal time becomes nothing more than playing around on the tablet etc., the “Social Media Guard” or the new”Pepper Hacker” might be your only options:

    According to the motto of Chris Rock:


    Problem solved: friendly people save stationary trade

    Posted on 7. April 2015 by .

    To summarise a trader comparison done in 141 cities: the ten most friendly traders are in Jena. Jena, the “the centre of digital commerce” took the lead among the middle German cities. In the categories: friendliness, quality of consultation, and value for money, owner-operated businesses got best ratings.

    The upward trend is continuing with an increase of 0.4 percentage points. This is a really positive result for Jena when you think that not all cities can expect a positive trend in a repeat examination.

    Marc ­Loibl, MF Consulting, head of the study

    The fathers of the city and the local press (“Friendly traders work in Jena”) are celebrating, and the traders should also give themselves a pat on the back. So customers enjoy going into shops. Possible problems and development trends just have to be pushed aside here.

    But from an e-commerce perspective, all this feel-good journalism makes me quite queazy:

    “Content is…” - oh shut up!

    Posted on 30. March 2015 by .

    “Content is King” – this statement seems to be the standard wisdom for many companies, agencies, and freelancers. which means exactly…? Irrelevant. What is more important is that you can’t just leave it at “content is King”. Many authors feel they need to elaborate: “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen”. This is still ok. But whoever believes that ‘great’ metaphors are the end of the story is going to be bitterly disappointed.

    Net Find: Man Power for the Smart Phone Battery

    Posted on 6. March 2015 by .
    Grafik: Wankband

    Graphic: Wankband

    With their hilarious marketing idea, PornHub has often shown that it can do more than just manage a platform for pornographic films. PornHub is now taking things a step further and want to mix things up in the wearables scene with the Wankband. It might even work. Take a look at how the Wankband operates: when your arm moves up and down, the armband saves energy. Smartphones and tablets can then be plugged in and charged via USB.

    So how do you become the CEO of an e-commerce agency Christian Grötsch?

    Posted on 20. February 2015 by .

    The shortage of skilled workers in IT is not a new complaint. Even digital natives answer questions about their desired profession with classics like teacher or lawyer. In order for this to change and to create an awareness for new, digital professions, we at dotSource are putting our knowledge to use: for instance through the foundation of an e-commerce degree at the technical university in Jena. Since this week, our CEO Christian Otto Grötsch has been a testimonial for an IT career information flyer at the federal employment agency, Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

    Christian Otto Grötsch

    Screen: Bundesagentur für Arbeit

    So if you want to know what career path brought Christian to the point of founding our agency almost ten years ago, you can now inform yourself officially. Naturally you can pass it on to school and university students who have a career with a future in their sights.

    Net find: When the selfie-stick gets stuck in your smartphone

    Posted on 16. January 2015 by .

    When people used to go sightseeing, you’d often find yourself having a stranger’s camera shoved into your hand so that you could take a photo of its owner. This is a thing of the past: these days, many hobby photographers own a selfie-stick and don’t have to let their beloved smartphone out of their sight. We don’t want to comment on whether this is sensible or utter nonsense here. But the fact is, that selfie-sticks can often be a strange sight, for instance, when the smartphone to suddenly rings.

    What is your optinion of this new trend in smartphone photography? A nice gimmick or a tool for teenagers?

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