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    Social commerce: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    Posted on 4. October 2018 by .
    drei Mädels mit Smartphone

    Source: Unsplash

    The past few months have brought new developments from Facebook and others. Younger platforms and other large companies have been trying to gain their share of the marketplace as well. Even though these products from these companies are new, they take into account what went well for others, and what’s flopped.


    Money isn’t growing on trees, but it’s showing up in your old wardrobe

    Posted on 22. August 2018 by .
    Kleider angeordnet

    Source: pexels

    If you believe a survey by Greenpeace, you’ll believe over one billion unused garments are stored in German closets. Not just moths, even savvy economists recognise a certain potential here. Environmentally conscious people are fighting against the wasteful use of our outer layers anyway. The key phrase: second hand!


    To do, or not to do business with a logistics service provider? That is the question [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 10. July 2018 by .
    bergen, lkw, logistik

    Source: pexels

    Logistics is always on the move. Companies and logistics service providers are always developing new solutions to deliver products not only quickly, but also as conveniently and sustainably as possible. Whether with messengers or robots, with vans, cargo bikes, or drones.

    Retailers have been investing in end-customer delivery with their own fleets for a long time. Newcomers with innovative approaches such as the online supermarket Picnic give the industry new momentum. What role will big delivery services still play in the future? Where will parcel service providers develop? Will retailers and brands even expect to build up and offer their own delivery services?

    The (e)-bike as a driver for new business models [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 30. April 2018 by .

    Photo by Berto Macario on Unsplash

    Photo by Berto Macario on Unsplash

    Mobility is progressing. People and data flow together on the way. New technological developments and changing digital lifestyles allow global society to be mobile and not stand still. The car has lost its traditional meaning and has turned into a rolling data vehicle, which offers more and more possible experiences. Meanwhile bikes are getting popular again.
    The bike market is on the moving and rapidly developing. Actually, it’s booming. According to Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), 720,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany in the past year. The number of electric cars is, in 2018, much lower: 53,861.
    Biking is trendy and offers many benefits for users and business. Established companies and start-ups from various industries are currently competing with smart solutions to open up new business opportunities for e-bikes and freight bike fleets.


    Tips to succeed in logistics during Christmas

    Posted on 17. November 2016 by .
    Quelle: Lydia

    Quelle: Lydia

    After the carnival kick-off and the Chinese “Single’s Day”, the general feeling is that Christmas is now around the corner. Shoppers are intensifying their searches online. Even some have ordered their first wave of presents before the so-called Black Friday kicks off. Also the first Christmas parcels have been successfully delivered.

    Precisely, logistics providers such as Hermes or DHL are warming up to guarantee the timely delivery of every parcel ordered. They definitely play an important role to assure the success of the purchase, but they are not enough in the spotlight. What are their main challenges and pain points? How can they reach excellence within this critical part of e-commerce?

    Butchers go e-commerce: Succeeding in the online world of meat [5 Reading Tips]

    Posted on 21. December 2015 by .
    Waferboard /

    Waferboard /

    December is the month of large meals and enjoying special moments with your loved ones. I am sure you are looking forward to tasting a delicious honey-roast confit of duck, a tasty rabbit fillet or a juicy T-bone steak. In one click you can find several innovative possibilities that let you get the most exclusive meat at your table. How can online businesses conquer the consumer’s palate and win trust?


    Returns: blessing or curse?

    Posted on 8. December 2015 by .
    Returning a parcel

    FaceMePLS /

    Many people like to do their shopping online because it offers the possibility to access millions of products and services from everywhere anytime they want. However for most people online shopping still includes two critical issues:


    Prime Air expects to deliver goods in just 30 minutes [5 Reading Tips]

    Posted on 30. November 2015 by .
    New drone unveiled by Amazon

    Screenshot: Amazon

    Imagine the day when all your problems are sorted out in just 30 minutes. You have an important date, you try on your best dress in front of the mirror and realise it is stained! Don’t panic. Amazon would have got a quick solution for you: the new Prime Air service drone squad.

    These scenarios where immediacy is a must are the future and course of action set by Amazon, in terms of delivery systems. Amazon has released a new ad video demo featured by the controversial British journalist of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson in which one new prototype is unveiled.


    Amazon Introduces New 8th Generation Logistics Centre

    Posted on 8. December 2014 by .


    Amazon sends packages, lots of packages: especially during the Christmas period, the online traders’ shipping capacity is not nearly sufficient to deliver all the parcels on time. That’s why an extra 80,000 seasonal workers pack and load. But the company Kiva, purchased in 2012, also gets to it with 15,000 robots. A video, which has now been released, provides a glimpse of Amazon’s 8th generation shipping house in Tracy California.

    Google Mania – Glass, Virtual Keyboard and a Ring

    Posted on 1. September 2014 by .

    Foto mit Google Glasses aufgenommenThere are phases in the institution of the internet in which 6 colourful letters just can’t be avoided. Last week was one of them. It started with the announcement that the data glasses Google Glass will be sent to developers within the month. Fittingly, CEO Sergey Brin let himself be seen bespectacled in the New York subway. Now Google has surprised us with the registration of a patent for a matching virtual keyboard, with which it is supposed to be possible to type on your hand. On the side, people have been trying to develop a procedure which could revolutionise password security – with hardware keys, which could be realised in the form of a ring, for instance.

    Things are getting exciting from an e-commerce point of view as well, with the change over from free product searches to Google Shopping around the corner. Following the AdWords principle, merchants will have to pay to be listed in the future.
    By the way, this busy bodying is either not doing anything, or not doing enough for the company’s popularity.

    According to Wirtschaftswoche, Google was dethroned by Wikipedia in the rankings of the pots popular internet brands.

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