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    Digital twin: Virtual industrial facilities as a superlative for the optimisation of marketing, distribution, and services

    Posted on 28. June 2018 by .
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    The digital transformation constantly enriches us with new buzzwords and challenges. Internet of things, okay. Digital twin, wait, what? What’s behind future concepts? Are they really as revolutionary as they seem?

    Digital twin means much more than the mere virtual representation of a physical product. With the help of the digital twin, not only the physical elements but also the dynamics and processes behind them can be virtually mirrored. The benefits of this virtual representative cast a promising light on the horizon of new work.


    Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile project management?

    Posted on 21. June 2018 by .


    When talking about project management, the phrase »agility« cannot be ignored. A quick look at Meriam Webster gives »agilie« the following definition: “Marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace.”

    Consequently, the lean philosophy behind agile project management promises a flexible way of working away from the rigid system of the waterfall model. Of course flexibility sounds great Nevertheless, there are also some risks behind the modern way of working. In the end, the crucial management question arises: Can you reach goals faster and cheaper with agile methods?


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