The e-commerce software Magento was released in 2008 as an open source e-commerce platform. Since then has been a prime example for open source software, with an active developer community which consistently realises innovations and offers mutual support and development. Enterprise Edition projects for large, internationally active brands and trading companies can also be realised. Since eBay Enterprise took over Magento, the speed of development has perceptibly decreased however. As Magento partners, we’re following the path of the company with interest.

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    Magento 2: Was has changed for developers and shop operators

    Posted on 13. January 2015 by .

    magento_logoMany had ceased to believe, but just before Christmas, Magento surprised the e-commerce community with the release of Magento 2.0 Beta. The new version of the most widely used e-commerce software has been available since the 17th of December and can be tested. But can iQuery and PHP5.5 offer any comfort for the loss of transparency and the open-source mindset? And what will change for shop operators?

    Category: Magento

    E-Commerce Solutions Providers Introduced: Magento [update]

    Posted on 22. September 2014 by .

    E-commerce software Magento was originally published as an open source e-commerce platform by the company Varien Inc. in 2008. With eBay’s takeover in 2011, the company was reformed under Magento Inc. as a 100% daughter company.

    Today Magento Inc. is an American software manufacturer with a seat in Culver City (Los Angeles County). Magento mainly focuses on small to medium sized enterprises in the B2C sector, although eBay does have aspirations to win more large companies in the future. Magento’s most well-known clients include Cornelsen, The North Face, Olympus, and Men’s Health.


    Was does a Magento agency have to say about the Meet Magento row?

    Posted on 28. July 2014 by .


    We are a long term Magento partner and don’t want to keep our opinion about the ‘scandal lecture’ to ourselves. Jochen G. Fuchs (as editor), Roman Zenner (as consultant and Magneto expert) and Tobias Zander (as developer) have already referred to it.

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