Handelskraft intermittently interviews people from the environment of the e-commerce industry and so gains deep insights into certain processes. However, we also introduce interviews which we consider to be especially interesting or read worthy. Often we just examine speculation on certain topics in interviews further or uncover future plans.

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    »Using trends – spotting them and acting on them – can be a simple and powerful way for businesses to use change to their advantage« – Handelskraft Speaker David Mattin in Interview

    Posted on 1. February 2018 by .
    David Mattin (Grafik: dotSource)

    David Mattin (Graphic: dotSource)

    At the Handelskraft Conference on the 20th of February 2018 so many new paths to successful retail will be discussed. With trends, best practices, and new impulses, we want to talk about real business and tell real stories about the digital reality and its challenges.

    This reality is deeply influenced by the change and the increasing automation and digitising of all processes and relationships in everyday life. As a result, communication between consumers and brands will continue to evolve, increasing customer demands and expectations.

    In fact, David Mattin (TrendWatching) will tell us in his session at Handelskraft Conference 2018 «Digital Innovation for Humans – Four Digital-Fueled Consumer Trends for 2018 and Beyond» how crucial AI will be in a connected world and how to cope with the flood of new innovations and mega-trends we can all use on a daily basis, use them to strengthen our own company.

    But even this new status quo has effects that companies should not ignore. In an interview with Handelskraft, David Mattin explains which consumer trend will be particularly influential in 2018 and why retailers should keep an eye on them.


    Integrating PIM systems: Which role do PIMs play in B2B? – Interview with PIM providers SAP Hybris, Akeneo and CONTENTSERV [Part 2]

    Posted on 16. August 2016 by .

    arahan - Fotolia / dotSource

    arahan – Fotolia / dotSource

    After addressing the main advantages of PIM systems and the reasons why an online shop should integrate one last week, it is the moment to go beyond and be outward-looking. PIM systems are giving a boost to omnichannel and revolutionising the way we manage product portfolios and, consequently, probably the role print and online catalogues have in this game.

    Moreover, PIM systems are becoming very helpful for B2B companies, which are getting used to handle complex products and business models. Thanks to PIMs, B2B companies have now a wide range of possibilities to tailor their customers’ shopping experience as they could never have imagined.

    However, there are plenty of aspects to improve within the PIM sphere and many challenges providers must face in the years to come.

    Integrating PIM systems: When is it worth for online retailers? – Interview with PIM providers SAP Hybris, Akeneo and CONTENTSERV [Part 1]

    Posted on 9. August 2016 by .

    arahan - Fotolia / dotSource

    arahan – Fotolia / dotSource

    As we stated in several articles over the past few months, Product Information Management (PIM) systems are the ultimate strategic tool to make the most out of a digital business. They are a must in cross-channel scenarios, make the difference in B2B complex product catalogues and are responsible for the increasing personalisation of all ranges of products and services, among other things.
    It is important that online shops, both B2C and B2B, are aware of the existence of easy-to-use and cutting-edge PIM systems, their advantages as well as which elements can be used to detect if a PIM is needed.
    As we know this is a complex topic that attracts a lot of attention, Handelskraft has brought together three experts of well-known and unique PIM system vendors in the market: Christian Rohr, Senior Product Marketing Manager at SAP Hybris, Frédéric de Gombert, CEO of Akeneo and Alexander Garkisch, Business Development & Strategic Marketing Manager at CONTENTSERV, have asked them about the real potential of PIM, how companies can benefit from it and how retailers can make the best choice.

    “Investing in traffic generation is pointless when too few visitors can find the right product” – Interview with Handelskraft Speaker Daniel Planert from FACT-Finder

    Posted on 11. February 2016 by .

    Nowadays, when people need answers they often do not read books or ask their relatives, they just go straight away to google it. No matter the question you drop, the search engine always gives you some feedback and consequently people are more happy and convinced.

    Daniel Planert, Partner Manager of FACT-Finder

    Daniel Planert, Partner Manager of FACT-Finder

    Because of the strong competition, the same scenario has also transferred to online shops. An on-site search solution is gaining importance not only to stand out the crowd but also to address the need to give instantaneously answers to the customers; especially when they do not know exactly which product they are looking for and just have a vague idea.

    That is how a quality on-site search can be the passport to obtain a purchase and to gain a satisfied customer. This solution can guide the customer to the right product and help finally to choose the most suitable product and value for money in the blink of an eye: name, photo, amount of available items, price and color options. Quick inspiration, selection and order placed.

    “I don’t know any company that is more customer-friendly than Amazon. That’s the crucial competitive advantage” – Interview with Handelskraft Speaker and E-Commerce Consultant Adrian Hotz

    Posted on 28. January 2016 by .
    Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

    Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman! What the world saviour from planet Krypton is to the league of superheroes, Amazon is to online retail. Is it a retailer? Is it a marketplace? Or is it a world-dominating system? Whatever the answer might be, there’s no name closer related to the concept of online retailing and more positively rated than Amazon. This is the challenge for all other retailers. An apparently hopeless battle – David versus Goliath – for market shares and customers.

    What does that mean for all non-Superman online retailers? The good news is that they can still lead a successful existence as Batman, The Flash, or Wonder Woman. So there are indeed ideas how to coexist with Amazon.

    In an interview with Handelskraft, Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung and editor of, explains how the Amazon ecosystem attracts customers and what retailers can learn from this. He will host a session on this topic at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday, February 18.


    “Every product has its own story which is often worth more than the product itself” – Interview with Handelskraft speaker Johannes Altmann von Shoplupe

    Posted on 21. January 2016 by .

    One gown, one objective: to look gorgeous and sophisticated. The choices are clear to achieve that: one expensive perfume, a glamorous trendy dress and a stunning hairstyle. Five years later, the focus has changed drastically.

    Johannes Altmann, CEO and founder of Shoplupe GmbH

    Johannes Altmann, CEO and founder of Shoplupe GmbH

    One gown, one mission: to be loyal to her own way of life. She orders a bio perfume online, goes to a brick and mortar store to try dresses and have a nice shopping experience together with her phone and she makes her own hairstyle following the steps described in Pinterest. Customer behaviour is changing and “where” you buy products or services as well as the way you take towards them are making the difference.

    In a recent interview, Johannes Altmann, founder and CEO in Shoplupe GmbH, has shared some first approaches, on how the new generation of shoppers has new expectations and puts the focus on ways of living instead of the product itself. He will host a session on this topic at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday, February 18.


    „Design Thinking aims at improving the customers‘ life“ – Interview with Handelskraft speaker Florian Müller from projektUP!

    Posted on 14. January 2016 by .
    Geschäftsführer projektUP! – Florian Müller

    Geschäftsführer projektUP! – Florian Müller

    Daily routine is full of tasks and challenges and you always want to find a solution, accomplish a mission or reach your goals. Normally, you just face it and deal with it all in, what makes you waste so much energy. However, have you ever wondered if there are other efficient and effective ways to do so? The answer is yes: Using a problem-based and problem-solving strategy. You identify an objective which can be a problem, a task or a situation and think up the best solution for it in a practical way. Design thinking takes this approach further putting customers in the center of every activity the company is doing and offer solutions and ideas to improve and enrich the customer experience.

    In a recent interview, Florian Müller, from projektUP!, has shared some first approaches, on how Design Thinking can help companies to put customers in the center of their actions, anticipating to customers’ needs before they even have them. He will host a session on this topic at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday, February 18.

    “The online shop convinces with an improved usability and a better conversion rate” – Interview with Handelskraft speaker Bernd Behrens from 4Care

    Posted on 7. January 2016 by .
    Geschäftsführer der 4Care GmbH - Bernd Behrens

    Geschäftsführer der 4Care GmbH – Bernd Behrens

    In 2014 our costumer 4Care GmbH, one of the Europe’s leading omni-channel providers of contact lenses, care products and glasses, went all in on the implementation of a responsive web design and the migration of to Intershop 7.3. Their trust in dotSource led to convincing the jury and receiving the Shop Usability Award 2015 in the category of wellness, beauty and health.

    Several months later, the battle continues within the eyeglasses complex online business. It is time to know the results, benefits and opportunities for 2016 that 4Care can share after their experience. In a recent interview, Bernd Behrens from 4Care GmbH has shared small touches of strokes about their experiences with the migration process as well as the main aspects to keep technically up-to-date, among other things. He will host a session on these topics at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday the 18th of February.


    “98 % of all customer interactions can be personalized” – Interview with Handelskraft speaker Jan Lippert from prudsys

    Posted on 22. December 2015 by .
    Jan Lippert, Head of Professional Services at prudsys

    Jan Lippert, Head of Professional Services at prudsys

    Shops would like to be inside costumer’s minds and know their tastes and preferences. It sounds I am talking about the glass magic ball in that fairytale but I am not. The technology is step by step reaching new horizons. In this context, it is possible to predict the next step the customer will take, making him or her recommendations based on different data with the aim of providing an excellent and tailored customer service. Retail and manufacturing companies can progress to higher revenues and higher conversion rates with the implementation of personalization solutions.

    In a recent interview, Jan Lippert, from prudsys has shared some first approaches, on how shops can implement personalization software to offer customers the perfect recommendation for the right product. He will host a session on this topic at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday the 18th of February.

    More founder Karsten Schaal interviewed: Do German VCs suffer from German angst?

    Posted on 19. March 2015 by .

    Sinking financing requests from the e-commerce branch led to Capnamic Venture calling the end of the e-commerce hype last month. Are all niches really completely filled? Where are the innovative ideas in the start-up scene? With ABOUT YOU, project Collins has shown that there is still room to the top. You should also keep an eye on Rocket Internet when it comes to promising ideas.

    Especially the online grocery trade seems to be Samwer’s favourite playground at the moment. We spoke to Karsten Schaal, founder and CEO of Food Direkt GmbH. His team sells over 10,000 items at supermarket prices on his platform Apart from the current situation in online grocery trade, we also wanted to know what he thinks of German VC’s level of willingness to take risks.

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