Handelskraft is the corporate blog of the e-commerce agency dotSource. More happens in our offices in Jena (the city of light) than just shop development. Whether we get to greet the 100th staff member or introduce a new team: in-house events at dotSource are tagged with “Internal” and we are happy to let our readers be a part of it. In-house white papers or the popular e-commerce trend book from Handelskraft are also introduced via the category “internal”.

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    Dr. Digital – Apps and artificial intelligence for better health

    Posted on 16. August 2018 by .
    Ärztin mit Schild

    Source: shutterstock – Edited By: dotSource

    Diagnosing diseases via Google has proven to be unreliable. If you search long enough with your own symptoms, you’ll get, with almost 100% certainly, the same diagnosis: Cancer!

    The situation is different with a data-driven health diagnosis. Wearables such as fitness bands, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers can provide data that was otherwise measured only by a long-term ECG. Also, digital blood sugar meters for diabetes patients are for many, normal.


    Brands as employers

    Posted on 9. August 2018 by .

    Marken im Bewerbungsgespräch

    Source: shutterstock – Edit: dotSource

    A shortage of skilled workers is a growing phenomenon that companies from all industries are confronted with. Fewer drivers are found for logistics, nursing staff are on strike, and digital experts are missing.

    Fewer workers are available due to demographics changing, and many are looking for a career as YouTubers or influencers. For the latter, there is good news, because 100 petrol employees can soon be further educated with corporate costs to become successful digital opinion makers.


    Artificial Intelligence: A central piece in the content commerce puzzle

    Posted on 26. July 2018 by .
    polygon hände

    Source: fotolia – Edit: dotSource

    How can companies realise their content commerce dreams by using existing video content?

    In early 2017, Google announced its »Google Cloud Video Intelligence API«, which uses artificial intelligence to do the tedious ploughing through video archives to find specific content. Whether it’s cool cats, snowboarders, or skyscrapers. Google isn’t alone: IBM Watson launched a similar app last year.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide the central, missing element to complete the entire content commerce experience.


    New blogger on board

    Posted on 15. May 2018 by .


    Hi there,

    I’m Franziska Kunz and I’ve been a part of the Handelskraft team as a new blogger since April 2018. Together with Oli, Sara, and Nico, I explore digital trends to keep our content creation pipeline on track.


    B2B marketplace for trade fair services – Online Order System on SAP Hybris is live

    Posted on 3. May 2018 by .

    Bild: Messe Düsseldorf

    Photo: Messe Düsseldorf

    From February 27 to March 1, 2018, “EuroCIS – The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology” took place in Düsseldorf. The fair, which presents different technology solutions every year, should make retail more convenient – With new various payment solutions, self-checkout systems for employee-less stores, and smart price tags – This was not just thematically interesting for us, but above all, an opportunity to look behind the scenes at the value of such solutions. At the same time, the event was also the premier of the new Online Order System (OOS), the in-house solution for the distribution of trade fair services.


    Updated White Paper: »Comparing PIM and MDM Systems«

    Posted on 26. April 2018 by .

    Cover of White paper Selecting Product Data Management Software

    Source: dotSource

    Anyone who wants to sell a product must present it well. That isn’t just the case for stationary retail, but online as well. High-quality product data should therefore be the highest priority in all companies, regardless of industry and size. Today’s customers expect everyone who sells products to have accurate, complete, high-quality, and consistent product data across all channels.
    Due to the increasing variety of distribution channels that need to be recorded with specific content (such as an online shop, an app, and various print catalogues), this expectation couldn’t always be met by many companies.


    dotSource presents a multimedia trip through 10 years of digital success

    Posted on 5. February 2016 by .

    dotSource turned 10 years old exactly one month ago and, as a culmination of this important date for us, we have booked for you this journey, that has as a next stop our fabulous birthday party, with a big cake included, of course, prominent guests and a distinctly fresh and innovative spirit along the different spaces of our headquarters in Jena.

    Meep Meep!

    Are you ready for the trip? We present you a dynamic and energised office tour through our ten year history which will make you understand the pillars on which our digital success has been built and especially where we are heading! So, fasten your seat bells, open your eyes and off you go!

    Knock Knock! Don’t think this journey has finished. The year has just started so please don’t switch off… next stop… #HK16

    Content is K(l)ing – New Blogger on Board

    Posted on 1. February 2016 by .
    Bild: dotSource GmbH | Ebenbild

    Photo: dotSource GmbH | Ebenbild

    Hi, I’m Oliver Kling. I haven’t introduced myself yet and want to catch up on this now.

    For 21 days now I’ve been calling the dotSource marketing team my new professional home. I am here to x-ray the colourful and speedy world of digital commerce in all its facets on and together with my colleague Sara. We know that we’re following in big footsteps, but we are brave enough to face this challenge.

    That’s what winners look like: wins Shop Usability Award 2015 in the category wellness, beauty, and health

    Posted on 22. September 2015 by .
    Shop Usability Award für Lensbest

    Photo: Shop Usability Award

    Our customer 4Care can be deservedly proud of themselves – their online shop, implemented together with us, won the Shop Usability Award in the category wellness, beauty, and health.

    For the eighth time already, Shoplupe CEO Johannes Altmann awarded the prize during the K5 conference. The award honours flawless and user-friendly online shops.

    The online shop, that only went live at the end of 2014 after we had realised its migration to Intershop 7.3 and the implementation of the responsive design, apparently met all criteria and convinced the 27-member expert jury.

    no images were found

    It’s especially nice to see that one of those popular awards goes to an Intershop customer. A look at the winners in a total of twelve categories reveals that Shopware leads the competition. We show, however: not the e-commerce system, but its competent implementation is key.

    Our special thanks go to the project team – we’re very proud of your joint work with 4Care!!!

    Anyone who would also like to win an award can create the necessary conditions here 🙂

    In-House News: We’re Digitalising Messe Düsseldorf with hybris

    Posted on 9. July 2015 by .

    Messe DüsseldorfWe’re rocking e-commerce in our tenth year, as you know. Right at the start of the year, we were able to follow-up our motto with action: with our pitch for a B2B online shop for Messe Düsseldorf, one of the leading trade fair associations world wide, we won through against other full service digital agencies. This is the largest single contract in our agency’s history to date.

    From strategy to design: everything new with Messe Düsseldorf

    With a turnover of 412 million Euros in 2014, the Messe Düsseldorf Group counts among the most successful German trade fair associations. More than 31,000 exhibitors presented their products to 1.4 million industry visitors in Düsseldorf this trade fair season. With around 50 trade fairs and approximately 80 to 100 events of their own and international participation, as well as contract events overseas, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH is one of the leading export platforms world wide.

    Now it is time to bring the systems up to a corresponding level. Messe Düsseldorf’s current SAP-based online shop was designed and implemented in 2001. In order to improve usability and range of services for exhibitors and booth constructors, we replaced a lot of out-of-date technology with a sustainable digital solution, which takes over far more functions than the previous systems.

    One central service portal for all partners

    Alongside the migration of the system landscape to hybris Commerce Suite, we implemented a responsive design with three different view ports. This allows exhibitors to use the onlineshop via smartphone and tablet during set-up periods and improve their work processes in the future.

    E-Commerce rarely comes by itself, so we integrated more systems into the online shop, including web analytics, CRM and SAP.

    In the future, a new service partner portal will allow exhibitors, service partners, and Messe Düsseldorf access to one central system. This informational advantage helps all those concerned with the planning and running of events, while Messe Düsseldorf get a better overview of the services their service partners deliver.

    The B2B online shop implementation project has already kicked off with the concept phase, and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017. Thanks to agile project management, we also expects some sprints in this project marathon. We’re looking forward to it 🙂

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