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The e-commerce branch encompasses all digital business traffic and is a branch for the future. Big players, such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba are leading the way: if you want to sell products in the internet successfully, you need more than just a pretty online shop.
Progress is not stopping for B2B companies either, quite the opposite: the digital transformation is increasingly putting pressure on B2B companies to address the topic of e-commerce and online sales. In this context, e-commerce is not limited purely to sales, but also includes the customer journey, which begins with the marketing of a product and continues after the completion of a transaction.

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    Dr. Digital – Apps and artificial intelligence for better health

    Posted on 16. August 2018 by .
    Ärztin mit Schild

    Source: shutterstock – Edited By: dotSource

    Diagnosing diseases via Google has proven to be unreliable. If you search long enough with your own symptoms, you’ll get, with almost 100% certainly, the same diagnosis: Cancer!

    The situation is different with a data-driven health diagnosis. Wearables such as fitness bands, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers can provide data that was otherwise measured only by a long-term ECG. Also, digital blood sugar meters for diabetes patients are for many, normal.


    Customer data platforms (CDP) gaining importance [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 13. August 2018 by .
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    Source: pexels.com

    A well-known economic phrase is: “You can only manage what you can measure”. And (personal) data is the new oil. The success of any marketing campaign is increasingly depending on proper data processing and analysis.

    But the exponential increase in touch-points, communication channels, and customer data has sometimes made intelligent evaluation more difficult. That’s why more and more companies are relying on CRM systems to securely and easily capture and interpret customer data. The goal is to create the most satisfying shopping experiences possible.

    Another marketing tool gaining momentum could perfectly complement existing customer data management tools: Customer Data Platform (CDP).


    Brands as employers

    Posted on 9. August 2018 by .

    Marken im Bewerbungsgespräch

    Source: shutterstock – Edit: dotSource

    A shortage of skilled workers is a growing phenomenon that companies from all industries are confronted with. Fewer drivers are found for logistics, nursing staff are on strike, and digital experts are missing.

    Fewer workers are available due to demographics changing, and many are looking for a career as YouTubers or influencers. For the latter, there is good news, because 100 petrol employees can soon be further educated with corporate costs to become successful digital opinion makers.


    Benefit from international tourists in your own country [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 6. August 2018 by .
    chinese, girl, smartphone

    Photo by qi bin on Unsplash

    China is booming in every way. The Chinese e-commerce market is the largest in the world and one of the most innovative. The Middle Kingdom is a role model in terms of internationalisation. For brands and retailers who want to continue to grow, China holds the opportunities par excellence. At the same time, Chinese consumers are strongly attracted to foreign brands and products. This enthusiasm is particularly easy to attract even when travelling.

    Even when travelling Chinese people like to learn about the mobile Internet. The growing number of Chinese tourists in Europe makes it attractive for retailers and brands to adapt to the mobile preference of their potential customers. What strategies should they pursue in order to pick up the digitally affine consumers from the Middle Kingdom?


    How are we going to get around in 20 years? A look at the future – Mobility in 2038

    Posted on 2. August 2018 by .

    Source: Pexels

    Ever since the latest diesel controversy from German automakers, the future of mobility keeps being discussed. But slowly it’s becoming clear: Cars will be electric and have artificial intelligence controlling them. Let’s take a bold look in the future and let our imagination run wild.


    Creating product images faster and more efficiently with CGI [5 reading tips]

    Posted on 30. July 2018 by .
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    Source: pexels.com

    Nobody’s gonna buy something online without information about a product. Descriptions, but above all pictures and videos depicting the real goods, are there so that the consumers receive a realistic look at products and then make a purchase. Images are virtually the shop window of a stationary store, but more detailed and specific. The success of an online business, therefore, depends on the quality and accuracy of product images.

    Customers are increasingly looking for real and eye-catching product information before making a purchase. Colours, dimensions, ratios, extras, and presentation suggestions must be individually adapted to the different variants and models. The richer the range, the greater the photographic effort.

    This represents a significant implementation problem for growing digital companies that have a large product catalogue. So how can retailers and manufacturers mass-produce high-quality images for their online shops? Three letters: CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).


    Artificial Intelligence: A central piece in the content commerce puzzle

    Posted on 26. July 2018 by .
    polygon hände

    Source: fotolia – Edit: dotSource

    How can companies realise their content commerce dreams by using existing video content?

    In early 2017, Google announced its »Google Cloud Video Intelligence API«, which uses artificial intelligence to do the tedious ploughing through video archives to find specific content. Whether it’s cool cats, snowboarders, or skyscrapers. Google isn’t alone: IBM Watson launched a similar app last year.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide the central, missing element to complete the entire content commerce experience.


    Amazon Prime Day – How can retailers and manufacturers succeed in the marketplace?

    Posted on 23. July 2018 by .
    amazon, prime, day, box,

    Amazon Prime Day 2018

    Last Monday at noon marked the start of the fourth annual Amazon Prime Day. For one and a half day, Prime members can get products from the Amazon catalogue at largely discounted prices. More than a million deals worldwide were expected.


    New white paper: “Selecting Customer Relationship Software” including the dotSource Vendor Matrix

    Posted on 19. July 2018 by .
    Source: dotSource

    Source: dotSource

    At a time when the availability of products and services has become a standard across countless providers through digital channels, customer loyalty is increasingly becoming a privilege for both retailers and manufacturers. A strong relationship with the customer is the key to long-term business success.

    So how does customer loyalty lead to success? Targeted customer orientation based on the principle of personalisation can systematically cultivate customer relationships. The documentation, administration, and profitable preparation of the necessary data, however, requires the sophisticated technological support of a CRM solution suitable for the company.

    In our new white paper, “Selecting Customer Relationship Management Software” we’ll provide an overview of the basic characteristics of customer relationship management, a guide to system evaluation, and a detailed overview of system vendors on the market. For examples, solutions from companies like Sugar CRM should be considered for small and medium-sized companies, SAP for medium and large companies, and Salesforce for any company, regardless of size.


    Visual recognition – Our world from AI’s point of view

    Posted on 18. July 2018 by .
    Bilder an der Wand

    Source: pexels

    We develop our vision in the womb. However, after we see daylight, we can only partially perceive our environment. Recognising shades of colour, focussing on objects, and depth perception are a big challenge for small people, as babies are physiologically premature at birth compared to all other mammals. But after about eight months we’ve done it: Our eyesight now resembles that of an adult. In the labs of the future, the development of the vision of an AI has been going on for quite some time. Current systems are already achieving remarkable results.


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