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From wearables to hearable – Digital is getting audible with augmented listening experiences

Posted on 2. October 2018 by .

Looking at a screen and typing seems almost stale. Virtual reality lets us forget about the real world. Augmented reality merges the physical with the digital world. Smartphones and virtual assistants understand what we say. Looking at this development, it was only a matter of time before hearing also receives its own frontend.


AUNT EMMA STRIKES BACK! Online pure-players are revolutionising the in-store experience

Posted on 25. September 2018 by .

Tante Emma strikes back

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Depending on which group you belong to, stationery retail is dying or is long dead. As often as these statements are repeated, they don’t become true. Although it’s difficult to find even one example of a purely offline player from small boutiques, even purely online players are becoming rarer.

Physical locations, whether a pop-up store, showroom, or full-fledged flagship, is starting to gain importance again. Especially as marketing and service channels. It is noteworthy, however, that these shops hardly remember the miserable retailing industry of the last millennium. It’s just the opposite. New stores can merge online and offline experiences and teach tradition chain stores a thing or two about what a successful omnichannel scenario can look like.


20 years of Google: Happy Birthday! Let’s look deep into our crystal ball.

Posted on 4. September 2018 by .
Glaskugel fernblick

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Google, we’re not getting any younger! Two decades have passed since the founding of the Internet giant. In our series »20 Years of Google«, we have looked at the history of the company in recent weeks. The »G« of »GAFA«, like others, started in the garage and in two decades changed the face of the Internet.

And end to their longstanding success probably won’t happen anytime soon, as Google, despite setbacks, manages to succeed overall.


Dr. Digital – Apps and artificial intelligence for better health

Posted on 16. August 2018 by .
Ärztin mit Schild

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Diagnosing diseases via Google has proven to be unreliable. If you search long enough with your own symptoms, you’ll get, with almost 100% certainly, the same diagnosis: Cancer!

The situation is different with a data-driven health diagnosis. Wearables such as fitness bands, heart rate monitors, and activity trackers can provide data that was otherwise measured only by a long-term ECG. Also, digital blood sugar meters for diabetes patients are for many, normal.


Brands as employers

Posted on 9. August 2018 by .

Marken im Bewerbungsgespräch

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A shortage of skilled workers is a growing phenomenon that companies from all industries are confronted with. Fewer drivers are found for logistics, nursing staff are on strike, and digital experts are missing.

Fewer workers are available due to demographics changing, and many are looking for a career as YouTubers or influencers. For the latter, there is good news, because 100 petrol employees can soon be further educated with corporate costs to become successful digital opinion makers.


Artificial Intelligence: A central piece in the content commerce puzzle

Posted on 26. July 2018 by .
polygon hände

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How can companies realise their content commerce dreams by using existing video content?

In early 2017, Google announced its »Google Cloud Video Intelligence API«, which uses artificial intelligence to do the tedious ploughing through video archives to find specific content. Whether it’s cool cats, snowboarders, or skyscrapers. Google isn’t alone: IBM Watson launched a similar app last year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide the central, missing element to complete the entire content commerce experience.


Digital Transformation: Hot Air vs. Best Practice

Posted on 14. June 2018 by .

Source: pexels

Digital is better! In fact, in 1995 the band Tocotronic’s debut album made that claim with their album name. Kind of ironic, considering that at the time, cell phones were as big and heavy as bricks. Just a few years later, Boris found his way to the internet. “Am I already in it or what?” He asked naively, pointing the way to the digital future. Then the dotcom era, during which network pioneers were sure that digitisation would go quickly.

But that couldn’t be further from what happened because technical innovations were geared towards an exponential growth of computing power through computer chips. It was only a matter of time before we could only remember the analogue, grey past. Unfortunately, it’s often said that in desperate times, reality doesn’t keep up with our visions. In the broad spectrum of digital transformation, for example, you move between a lot of hot air and not enough visionary best practices.


Digital Business Compass: Handelskraft 2018 »Moving Towards Digital Excellence« Now available to download

Posted on 13. June 2018 by .
Source: dotSource

Source: dotSource

Handelskraft celebrated its eleventh anniversary and we proudly looked back on a productive 2017 full of experiments and innovations. But more important than the past is the future. Especially in digital business, interactive retail, time passes twice as fast and one can hardly believe that the times in which a webshop was the ultimate solution of the digital transformation, are hardly a decade old. In the meantime, digitisation means the seamless interaction of people and machines in marketing, sales, and services across all channels – online and offline.

In order to meet the demands of networked customers, whether as consumers in B2C or business customers in the B2B sector, entrepreneurs need to think outside the box. What brought enthusiasm a few years ago is now expected by customers, partners, and employees alike. The quality of the digital user experience decides more and more about the entrepreneurial success. Their excellent implementation requires know-how!

The changes are immense and the challenges for retailers and manufacturers are technically, organisationally, and culturally diverse. So we are all the happier and proud to publish our sixth Trend Book in a row, with this edition also being the first also available in English, with Handelskraft 2018 »Moving Towards Digital Excellence« we are happy to provide leaders from business, e-commerce, sales, marketing, IT, and digital decision makers with a free compass for their digital business, that gives them a concrete overview of the most important digital trends, innovations and industry developments, without getting lost in the buzzword jungle.


Will the blockchain bring an end to counterfeiting on marketplaces? [5 Reading Tips]

Posted on 14. May 2018 by .

Photo: thisisbossi

One of the most read articles on Handelskraft to this day is “Counterfeiting in E-Commerce: Why Does Amazon Have so Many Fakes?” (Only available in German) Three years after the fact, the topic has remained relevant. It was also noticeable during ECD18 in Munich.

I cancelled my visit to re:publica18 because I was given the opportunity to host two panels on the main stage of ECD next to Dr. Armand Farsi and Alexander Graf. The focus of “Brand Cockpit 2020” was the future of brands on platforms as well as blockchain and entrepreneurship in the panel “The Customers of Tomorrow”

A reason enough to look at the current state of marketplace business and to take take a look into the future after the reunion of platforms and brands.


B2B marketplace for trade fair services – Online Order System on SAP Hybris is live

Posted on 3. May 2018 by .

Bild: Messe Düsseldorf

Photo: Messe Düsseldorf

From February 27 to March 1, 2018, “EuroCIS – The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology” took place in Düsseldorf. The fair, which presents different technology solutions every year, should make retail more convenient – With new various payment solutions, self-checkout systems for employee-less stores, and smart price tags – This was not just thematically interesting for us, but above all, an opportunity to look behind the scenes at the value of such solutions. At the same time, the event was also the premier of the new Online Order System (OOS), the in-house solution for the distribution of trade fair services.


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