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It has already got Neckermann and Quelle, on the other hand, Otto is fighting bravely: classic mail order traders have to keep up with the changes caused by the e-commerce branch, otherwise they will go down. Classic catalogues are rare and mail order traders are faced with a new leading branch player: Amazon. Even if the American company isn’t the always the bench mark, mail order traders who are still in the game could learn something from Amazon.

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    4 important European e-commerce trends [5 Reading Tips]

    Posted on 4. December 2017 by .

    As already reported on Handelskraft, the German-language online market is in top form, is growing at double-digit rates, and is concentrating more and more. Sales of the top 1,000 online shops increased by 11 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. Yet, the ten largest shops now account for almost 40 percent of total market revenue.

    A similar situation can also be seen in Alpine countries. Sales of the top 100 Swiss online shops increased by 12.8 percent to around CHF 5.5 billion, while in 2016 the top 100 online Austrian shops generated 2.1 billion euros in physical goods on the internet.

    But as we live in a globalised world and online commerce is increasingly important, German-speaking countries should not only look to themselves, but also to their immediate neighbours.


    Real Sustainability in City Logistics? [5 Reading Tips]

    Posted on 6. November 2017 by .

    Alisa Anton - unsplash.comAlisa Anton –

    Thanks to the enormous growth of e-commerce, the amount of deliveries in the past few years has grown exponentially. In fact, a new parcel record is expected this holiday season. Additional new offers to speed up and simplify the last mile, like same-day delivery, delivery on the requested date or even one-hour delivery, coupled with the congestions of the roadways, are thus causing an alarmingly fast deterioration of air quality. Therefore, sustainable logistics are required.

    What solutions and initiatives have the top delivery services already come up with?


    Tips to succeed in logistics during Christmas

    Posted on 17. November 2016 by .
    Quelle: Lydia

    Quelle: Lydia

    After the carnival kick-off and the Chinese “Single’s Day”, the general feeling is that Christmas is now around the corner. Shoppers are intensifying their searches online. Even some have ordered their first wave of presents before the so-called Black Friday kicks off. Also the first Christmas parcels have been successfully delivered.

    Precisely, logistics providers such as Hermes or DHL are warming up to guarantee the timely delivery of every parcel ordered. They definitely play an important role to assure the success of the purchase, but they are not enough in the spotlight. What are their main challenges and pain points? How can they reach excellence within this critical part of e-commerce?

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