Electronic business is not free from rights and obligations. In their response to new sales channels and developments, legislators have over reacted a bit in the past few years, meaning that existing legislation is constantly being changed. Online business and the law often get in each other’s way; be it in imprint obligations in social networks, or charging sales tax in the right country. Operators even have to be careful with the design of the buy button within an online shop, as the label here has to be absolutely clear. For this reason, we keep reporting on legal changes and clear-up possible pitfalls.

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    Towards trust: EU reinforces security and data protection laws [5 Reading Tips]

    Posted on 30. May 2016 by .


    While our world is becoming digital and e-commerce grows, the security and privacy awareness is increasingly more relevant and creating a fierce public debate. Consumers make payments online, have private conversations and access to services via social media apps. They are exposed and expressed their concern at possible data breaches and leaks as well as the lack of information they are subjected by certain companies. Adblockers are gaining momentum. International regulations are putting data protection on the center of their reforms. Against this, companies must respond. And no, blocking adblockers is not the best way!


    Exit Intent Pop-up as new conversion booster?

    Posted on 22. September 2014 by .

    “Let travellers embark on their journey” – The current exit intent pop-up trend is ignoring this motto. On the contrary, these little windows hold up everyone wanting to exit a site. What initially sounds annoying looks very different on paper. Users of the marketing tool are reporting raised conversion rates and higher sales. Thanks to exit-intent the cost of the tool is supposed to be recuperated within a few days, at least according to providers. More

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