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K5, dmexco or etailment Summit – Handelskraft and dotSource are represented at numerous trade fairs and events. With comprehensive post-event reports, we collect the most important findings and happenings of individual events. The Handelskraft E-Commerce Breakfast should also be a set date in the calendars of those interested in e-commerce. The in-house breakfast takes place several times a year in different cities, such as Zurich, or Munich. Here we share the knowledge which makes us into a specialised blog for the e-commerce branch. Prominent representatives in their branch regularly present for us, for instanace, Martin Gross-Albenhauen and Jochen Krisch.

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    Smartly connecting the dots to succeed in the data era – A look back to the International VDI Congress on IoT

    Posted on 20. December 2016 by .

    CESIS_Banner_Blog With an increasingly connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become more than a buzzword. High expectations have been raised, but also many questions are coming up. To respond to many of these questions and discuss the real potential of this technology, the first International VDI Congress on IoT took place in Berlin during 13-14 of December.

    According to McKinsey, IoT has a potential economic impact of $2.7-6.2 trillion until 2025. Taking this into account, the general feeling that I could perceive during this 2-day congress was a mixture of excitement and scepticism.


    “Investing in traffic generation is pointless when too few visitors can find the right product” – Interview with Handelskraft Speaker Daniel Planert from FACT-Finder

    Posted on 11. February 2016 by .

    Nowadays, when people need answers they often do not read books or ask their relatives, they just go straight away to google it. No matter the question you drop, the search engine always gives you some feedback and consequently people are more happy and convinced.

    Daniel Planert, Partner Manager of FACT-Finder

    Daniel Planert, Partner Manager of FACT-Finder

    Because of the strong competition, the same scenario has also transferred to online shops. An on-site search solution is gaining importance not only to stand out the crowd but also to address the need to give instantaneously answers to the customers; especially when they do not know exactly which product they are looking for and just have a vague idea.

    That is how a quality on-site search can be the passport to obtain a purchase and to gain a satisfied customer. This solution can guide the customer to the right product and help finally to choose the most suitable product and value for money in the blink of an eye: name, photo, amount of available items, price and color options. Quick inspiration, selection and order placed.

    dotSource presents a multimedia trip through 10 years of digital success

    Posted on 5. February 2016 by .

    dotSource turned 10 years old exactly one month ago and, as a culmination of this important date for us, we have booked for you this journey, that has as a next stop our fabulous birthday party, with a big cake included, of course, prominent guests and a distinctly fresh and innovative spirit along the different spaces of our headquarters in Jena.

    Meep Meep!

    Are you ready for the trip? We present you a dynamic and energised office tour through our ten year history which will make you understand the pillars on which our digital success has been built and especially where we are heading! So, fasten your seat bells, open your eyes and off you go!

    Knock Knock! Don’t think this journey has finished. The year has just started so please don’t switch off… next stop… #HK16

    “I don’t know any company that is more customer-friendly than Amazon. That’s the crucial competitive advantage” – Interview with Handelskraft Speaker and E-Commerce Consultant Adrian Hotz

    Posted on 28. January 2016 by .
    Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

    Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman! What the world saviour from planet Krypton is to the league of superheroes, Amazon is to online retail. Is it a retailer? Is it a marketplace? Or is it a world-dominating system? Whatever the answer might be, there’s no name closer related to the concept of online retailing and more positively rated than Amazon. This is the challenge for all other retailers. An apparently hopeless battle – David versus Goliath – for market shares and customers.

    What does that mean for all non-Superman online retailers? The good news is that they can still lead a successful existence as Batman, The Flash, or Wonder Woman. So there are indeed ideas how to coexist with Amazon.

    In an interview with Handelskraft, Adrian Hotz, founder of Adrian Hotz E-Commerce-Beratung and editor of www.insideecommerce.de, explains how the Amazon ecosystem attracts customers and what retailers can learn from this. He will host a session on this topic at our Handelskraft Conference 2016, so you can get the whole insights on Thursday, February 18.


    dotSource is celebrating 10 years of digital success!

    Posted on 19. January 2016 by .
    Foto: Matthias Eimer

    Foto: Matthias Eimer

    Looking back, it seems easy what we have done in the last decade, but it is not. We have grown up but our soul is still very young. Our mindset is the present because is still the day one in digital commerce for us. We build up the future developing constantly new ideas, progressing and striving to improve. These facts, together with the talent of our already 120 staff, will lead us to boost and evolve new entrepreneurial dimensions to continue delivering excellent services and innovative solutions.


    “Here comes our profit killer!” Recap of the logistics & returns conference 2015

    Posted on 17. June 2015 by .

    Logistik RetourenReturns kill profit, customers are making cheekier use of returns policies, and the post office favours Amazon? The world of logistics doesn’t have this much of a black view of e-commerce, as the Logistics & Returns conference last week in Neuss showed.

    Within a small framework, this important topic was discussed from all sides, with a stronger focus on multichannel. After all, no other trend makes the lives of traders and logistics providers as difficult (and exciting) as this one does.

    The conference was attended by representatives from Hugo Boss, Hornbach, Navabi through to Peter Hahn. International speakers from China, the UK and Australia made sure the agenda was varied.

    Logistics and returns: a sexy topic? Actually – yes! 🙂

    Porsche, Porno, Upholstery: a look back at the ECC-Forum 2015

    Posted on 24. April 2015 by .

    ECC Forum
    An all-round successful event is how you could sum up the ECC-Forum “Experience and Service in (Online)Trade”, which took place in Cologne yesterday. The weather gods must be soccer fans, because the sun only shone on the concrete block building. This made the terrace, and of course the view of Cologne, all the more tempting. But the varied and class-studded program made time fly.

    After Dr. Kai Hudetz’ greeting, Dr. Eva Stüber started the event the with latest statistics from a study on the cross-channel behaviour of customers, published at the beginning of May. The exciting thing here was that pure blooded stationary purchasers are dying out quicker than anyone thought. Cross-channel shopping is the mainstream, but the purely online shopper is rarer in comparison to the last survey. So shopping on all channels is the future, which is further supported by the networked behaviour of “smart natives”.

    We’re starting the 3rd Handelskraft E-Commerce Breakfast in Berlin with Adobe

    Posted on 15. April 2015 by .

    Handelskraft E-Commerce Frühstück Berlin
    Since the beginning of our breakfast series, Berlin has been one of the strongholds of our cities tour: Two years ago, we went to the start line as the warm up for Exceed, and last year Alexander Graf tolled the death bells of trade with us. This year will be more conciliatory with the topic cross-channel marketing, but no less exciting.

    Registrations have already broken all records. There were 15 RSVPs before the topic was even made public and there are numerous repeat offenders on the guest list. There could hardly be a bigger compliment for our tried and true format of breakfasts, networking, and gaining new knowledge.

    Martin Groß-Albenhausen auf dem B2B E-Commerce FrühstückIn cooperation with our partner Adobe and Martin Groß-Albenhausen (CEO bevh Services GmbH) we plan to exchange ideas on the digital customer journey, which runs along numerous touch points, with the smartphone as a key point, on the 24.4.2015 from 08:30.

    The main problem: customers are not loyal. They use channels when and how they want. In familiar circles, we would like to discuss how you can connect the channels in a profitable way and provide the customer with what they require in the corresponding context. The place of action is Fabrik 23 in the heart of Berlin.

    The event is almost booked out, but you can try your luck at:

    A Big Thank You for a Wonderful First Jana E-Commerce Breakfast

    Posted on 2. December 2014 by .

    Thuringia (and especially Jena) doesn’t have to hide! That much was clear after the last Handelskraft e-commerce breakfast for 2014. Together with 15 local traders and manufacturers, we discussed the future of e-commerce with Jochen Krisch. We talked about more than just Amazon or even e-commerce in general.

    After all, the challenges are growing well beyond the framework of e-commerce. All businesses have to address the topic of digitalen Transformation and the discussion has long included areas such as online marketing or data management. The cross-overs are increasing on the technical and strategic levels and the direction this journey could take is demonstrated by branch trail blazers, such as “About You.”

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    Retrospective of the Handelskraft e-commerce breakfast in Zurich

    Posted on 13. November 2014 by .

    What drives traders and manufacturers in an Amazon world? Which USPs can you still trump with? The Handelskraft breakfast in Zurich was a platform for lively conversation on the challenges of an Amazon world. Online shop operators in Switzerland also have to prepare for the possible entrance of Amazon. We were privileged to great well-known representative, for instance from Studerus.ch or Brach.ch. Our camera man was there this time and captured the relaxed atmosphere perfectly.


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