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    Social media – social status.

    Posted on 15. May 2015 by .

    Teens are mobile

    We just published some thoughts in the difference in internet and TV use with adults from different socio-economic backgrounds, but what about the teens? About ¾ of teens these days (yes, I do feel old) have a smart phone and 91% of these go online with their mobile. We already noted that mobile internet access increases in the lower income bracket, and the situation is similar for teenagers. Nearly all African American youth – those statically most likely to belong to a low income household – access the internet via mobile vs. 91% and 90% of Hispanic and white teens respectively.

    91% of Teens Use the Internet on a Mobile DeviceGraphic: pewinternet.org

    How Large is the German B2B E-Commerce Market?

    Posted on 5. August 2014 by .

    Strangely, considering the B2B market is decidedly larger than the B2C market, there are comparatively few statistics for B2B e-commerce. Strictly speaking, B2B e-commerce accounts for over 95 percent of the entire e-commerce market volume and generates 870 billion euros turn over. This becomes less surprising, when one realises that B2B generate only one percent of this turnover online.

    These are the results of the IFH study B2B E-Commerce Markt in Deutschland 2013, which used statistics from 2012.

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